Dynamic Planet

Theme Convenors
Robert Musgrave, Geological Survey of New South Wales

Today’s Earth is the sum of 4.5 billion years of geological processes. The Dynamic planet theme will address:

  • The geodynamic evolu­tion of Australia and other continents from the Hadean to the present;
  • The evolution of the Earth-Moon system and the meteoritic impact record;
  • The expression of the circulation driven by the Earth’s heat engine in lithospheric plate tectonics, mantle dynamics and differentiation, and core evolution;
  • The processes that govern deposition and deformation in intracratonic settings;
  • Processes of crustal growth and recy­cling, at convergent margins and in other set­tings;
  • Geophysical and geochemical evidence of the structure and composition of the deep subsurface; and

The influence of all of these elements on the formation and distribution of mineral and energy resources.

Authors intending to submit an abstract to the Dynamic Planet theme should alternatively consider the symposium on “Comparisons & Contrasts in Circum-Pacific Orogens”, if their contribution is relevant to the Palaeozoic to recent tectonic evolution of either the western or eastern Pacific/paleo-Pacific. Abstracts submitted to the Symposium will not count towards the oral and/or poster limits applying to the thematic sessions. 

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